2D/3D Sensors

Baumer 2D/3D Sensors are unlike common profile sensors, the smart profile sensors PosCon offer complex functions like gap, edge or height measurement, preconfigured in an easy-to-operate, compact sensor. Thanks to their intelligent evaluation within the sensor, their standardized operating concept and robust housing, PosCon profile sensors are the ideal solution for measuring and inspection tasks. PosCon profile sensors can be positioned laterally at an angle of ± 30° above the object. This allows avoidance of disruptive installation obstacles, greatly extending the range of applications. The qTarget design of the PosCon profile sensors is referencing the optical axis to the mounting holes. This enables system integration already in the CAD stage. No later mechanical adjustments or alignments in the application are necessary. An appropriate object can move within the measuring field without having any impact on the measurement. This absence of sensitivity makes a significant contribution to the reliable functioning of the sensor in the application. Categories Include; OXC7 Series, OXE7 Series, OXH7 Series.