Wago & Exor | Tank Demo with Mobile Pages

In our video we are showing the Exor eTOP HMI communicating to a Wago PFC and simulating a Tank application. We will show two fill takes which will drain into a main tank. We will then show this application on a mobile device showing Exor’s capability to view/control the HMI from a web browser.

Control Techniques | Unidrive M300, M700, & SP

In our video we are demonstrating the new Unidrive M family working with the Unidrive SP. Showing you can still have existing architecture and the updated Unidrive M’s all working in harmony.

Control Techniques | Unidrive M300 Dual Safe Torque Off

In this video we show the capabilities of Control Techniques Undirive M300’s Dual Safe Torque off (STO) function. This safety feature enables the drive to have a SIL3/PLe conformity. This feature comes standard onboard the M300 with no additional add on or cost.