In our video we are showing the Exor eTOP HMI communicating to a Wago PFC and simulating a Tank application. We will show two fill takes which will drain into a main tank. We will then show this application on a mobile device showing Exor’s capability to view/control the HMI from a web browser.

Summary Of Operation

We first had to write a program in the Wago 750-880 which is setup to control our two fill tanks valves and main tank valve by using real world outputs based on the the level of the main tank. We also added analog inputs which told the PFC the levels of product in the tanks. Once our PFC program was setup to control the real world outputs and logic was programmed we could then begin communications to the Exor HMI screen. Using the widget gallery of JMobile studio we were able to create the tanks along with adding widgets to show the tanks levels and indications of when the valves were active. We also setup an events table which time stamped when the tanks were full, valve was opened, or closed. We then created web pages for both the status indications of the different outputs and inputs as well as the tanks levels to be monitored when not onsite. We hope you enjoyed the video!