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Wago | SmartPRINTER 0-100 in 10Sec

In this manufacturer’s videos Wago shows just how fast the SmartPRINTER really is by printing 100 labels in 10 seconds. The SmartPRINTER is the industry’s fastest terminal block labeling system. It can identify your entire cabinet with a wide variety of component labels.


As you could see the Wago SmartPRINTER is a industry leading printer with speed and precision labeling abilities. The printer is a thermal transfer printer which give it the ability to be used with a wide variety of labels from markers to panel labels. Click Here to get a SmartPRINTER of your own and see the endless possibilities.

SmartPRINTER Includes:

  • Power supply and power cable
  • USB cable
  • One roll of marking strips and WMB Inline markers each
  • 2x roller
  • 1x reel holder
  • 1x ink ribbon
  • Smart Script marking software and driver

Industry’s fastest terminal block labeling system

Exclusive multi-line continuous marker strip allows for detailed marking

Identify your entire cabinet with a wide variety of component labels