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Control Techniques | Unidrive M300, M700, & SP

In our video we are demonstrating the new Unidrive M family working with the Unidrive SP. Showing you can still have existing architecture and the updated Unidrive M’s all working in harmony.

Summary Of Operation

The First drive is the open loop Unidrive M300 which is operating in open loop V/Hz speed mode. We are using an analog potentiometer to give the motor a 0-10V reference for 0-60Hz speed reference to the motor. We then pass this analog through the SI-Ethernet module to the first Unidrive M700 with Ethernet onboard. The first M700 will follow the speed in Hz to a equivalent speed in RPM. The first M700 then passes the speed value over Ethernet to the second M700 which follows the speed command at a set ratio. Our second M700 is sending the Speed command out to a Undirive SP controlling an Exlar linear actuator running through various positions. The speed that the Undirive SP moves to those positions is based on the analog input it receives from the second Undirive M700.